Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pups on the Move

The puppies are six weeks now.  They have gone from being wobbly and unsteady on their feet to running, jumping, digging, playing, and doing all things puppy at this point.  Trying to get them to pose for a picture is not easy, but here are some shots of them in action, doing what they love the most - having fun. 
The high excitement of finding a toddler's sock to chew on.

You know those teeth have really come in when a rock seems like an exciting chew toy.

A favorite sibling pastime - wrestling.

"I can't believe they fenced off that fig tree!  It would be so fun to rip up those leaves!"

Nothing better than lying in the damp dirt and thinking about doing a little digging.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Creative Minds

I love how kids' minds are still so creative and imaginative.  Unlike so many adults that have lost a sense of imagination and play, children are less inhibited when it comes to creating things.  As a parent, I want to fully encourage creativity in my children, especially as they are getting older.  Many entrepreneurs and successful people in our world are ones that have been creative and think outside the box.  I want my children to know that making good use of the brain God gave them isn't just through rote memorization and the accumulation of facts, but also and especially through exploring, analyzing, and experiencing the world around them. 

Selah's result of playing with math manipulatives
Selah's person.
Arianna, creating her own notecards to send to friends
A flaming soccer ball.
A stenciled duck with added details.
A ninja, with an added "puppy print" (done with fingers and a stamp pad).